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Satyamev Educational Services is a reputed Education Consultancy firm in India. Its Directors have advised students since 1998 and assisted over more than 3000 students in education overseas – Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan,China, India etc. We represent leading institutions in Ukraine (Europe), Kyrgyztan, Philippines, China, India etc.

How to study Medicine?

Medicine, also frequently referred as Medical, MBBS, MD, etc., as a course is considered as the most challenging career option to study and the student studying this has to be determined, focused and committed towards this program. It is impossible to attain the respectable position in this field if your level of dedication is lower than what it demands.

The more you study, the more proficiency you achieve and age is never a factor in this field. But the minimum time that it demands from your daily life according to our experience, from what we have seen in our students is 10-14 hours of studies including their classes. The student must always remain active and compassionate towards learning from their teachers, colleagues and other available options. Students must also prepare themselves to rely on self-study and bring it into practice as this habit will transform them into a world class professional. Students are also advised not to miss their daily classes in any condition. Most important of all in medicine studies is that your teachers will always will be your guide during your journey but efforts towards gaining knowledge is your part.

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Why is selecting a college in abroad the most viable solution for Indian Students? 

If you are reading this article it is very likely that you are an MBBS aspirant. Being a doctor
is regarded as one of the noblest professions in India. But due to growing competition for the
few seats available in India, it has become extremely difficult to pursue your career in
medicine. As a matter of fact, there are more than 13,00,000 students who fill for NEET
examinations every year and the number of seats available is 56,000(including both
government and private colleges).
The level of competition can be ascertained by the fact that there are hundreds of students
competing for a single seat. Seeing the circumstances the students should be well aware of
the options available to them, in the situation where they couldn’t make the cut.
So, the options at their disposal are-
The first option is to drop a year and prepare again for the next year’s exam.
The second option is for those students who come from a financially strong background and
can afford to pay nearly 50 lakhs for donation fees and nearly 11-20 lakh fee per annum can
get private colleges.
The third option is to take whatever is available to them and get admission for
Last but not the least the most feasible and practical option at the disposal of the medical
aspirants is to opt for colleges in countries like Ukraine, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan,
Philippines. These countries present an excellent opportunity for serious medicine aspirants
as these countries have a very affordable fee structure and their yearly fees are around 2-3
lakhs per year including hostel fees and the most important fact is these colleges are MCI(
Medical Council of India) and WHO( World Health Organization) approved. These colleges
also provide the facility of availing the MCI coaching classes for Indian students so that they
can prepare well for the coming exams. Going to these countries are beneficial to students
more than going to our neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh as the colleges there
charge fees as high as 40 lakhs and are also not MCI approved.
It is not only important to go to a right college abroad but it is equally important to select the
right agents who take responsibility of a student studying in a completely new place our
consultancy makes sure that a student properly adjusts to the new environment.

MBBS in Abroad

Our Universities

In Ukraine

National Pirogov Memorial Medical University ( Former Vinnitsya National Medical University) ,Ukraine
is the National Government University in Ukraine (Like Central government colleges in INDIA eg. AIIMS)
The university was established in 1921 as a pharmaceutical institute. Since 1921 the university has been training International competent doctors for 97 years . For this period about 44 thousands of specialists have been trained, who work in Ukraine and in many countries of the world. Vinnytsia is also known as the Education city of Ukraine with highest number of universities and colleges situated in the city.

Fees Structure of VNMU
First year Package 7,500$= 4,87,500
Including Tuition Fees hostel Documentation charges in Ukraine

From Second Year to Sixth Year
Tuition Fee 4,400$ = 2,86,000
Hostel Fee 500$= 32,500

KMU established in 1992 by Dr. Pokanevich Valeriy. Kyiv Medical University ranks amongst the best health care institutes in Ukraine with and idea to infuse principles of alternative medicine in the conventional medical world, the university was established and has been performing at par with leading institutes in Ukraine.
* Studying at one of the few European Universities to offer full body dissection, meaning that you will be familiar with 'the real thing' throughout your course
*Benefitting from interaction with real patients from your first year, through visits to general practices and hospitals.
Want to See the Hostel of KYIV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY
Click on the link below:

Fee Structure of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

First Year Package 6,500$= 4,22,500
From Second to Sixth Year
Tuition Fees 3,500$ = 2,27,500
Hostel Fees 1,200$ = 78,000
Indian Mess 100$ per month

In Kyrgyzstan

Asian Medical Institute Kant.

Asian Medical Institute (ASMI) was established in 2004 located in kant 20 km from Bishkek capital of Kyrgyzstan.
Currently 1,800 international students are enrolled in the college.
ASMI is known for its low fee structure and high quality of studies.
Fee Structure of Asian Medical Institute
Guaranteed Lowest Package of Asian Medical Institute 
First year package 4,800$ = 3,12,000
From Second to Fifth year
Tuition Fee 3,200$= 2,08,000
Hostel Fee 350$= 22,750

Indian Mess 103$ available in campus hostel

Our Students in ASMI with the Faculty staff of Asian Medical Institute.

Osh State University Osh Kyrgyzstan.
The Medical Faculty of Osh State University is the government public university located in Osh.
It was opened in 1993 as the reorganisation of Osh State Pedagogical Institute into Osh State University.
244 highly qualified teachers are working in 19 chairs.
The Institute has its own library with 32,178 medical books and international scientific journal.

Fee Structure

First year Package for Osh State University
6,500$ = 4,22,500 INR Including Tuition Fee, Hostel, Visa, Medical Insurance and Mess.

From Second Year to Sixth Year
Tuition Fee 3,000$ = 1,95,000
Hostel & Food 1,500$ = 97,500

In China

Hubei University of Science and technology (Faculty of Medicine) Xianning China
Hubei University of Science and Technology is a university with outstanding geographical advantages and convenient transportation. Hubei Medical College established in 1965. Since 1995 it has successively trained doctoral and master's Degree students .
Nearest Airport is Wuhan International Airport China

Main Subjects: Systematic anatomy, Regional anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, pharmacology medical microbiology, preventive medicine, evidence-based medicine, diagnostics, forensic Medicine.

Fee Structure

First Year Total Fee 3,90,000
From Second to Fifth Year 1,35,000
Hostel Fee 30,000
Visa Fee 4,000
Insurance 8,000
Total 1,80,000 approx

Jilin Medical University
Jilin Medical University ( Former Jilin Medical College) was previously known as Air Force School of Medicine (Jilin Military Medical College). The university was established in 1952 as Anshan Air Force Medical Middle School and then developed into Jilin Air Force Medical College. It was the only medical college of Chinese Air Force.
Jilin Medical University is located near the Songhua river in the beautiful northeastern Chinese city of JILIN.

Fee Structure
First Year package 3,00,000
Including Tuition Fee and hostel

From Second to Fifth Year
Tuition Fee & Hostel 2,30,000


Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University Ukraine! National Government college of Ukraine Top medical college in world! Top Medical colleges in Ukraine! Established in 1921 as Vinnytsia National Medical University National Pirogov Memorial Medical University Fee Structure! First year 7500$ including Tuition fee hostel Medical insurance visa extension  
Second to fourth year 4400$ per year tuition fee

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