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Satyamev Educational Services is a reputed Education Consultancy firm in India. Its Directors have advised students since 1998 and assisted over more than 3000 students in education overseas – Ukraine, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan,China, India etc. We represent leading institutions in Ukraine (Europe), Kyrgyztan, Philippines, China, India etc.

How to study Medicine?

Medicine, also frequently referred as Medical, MBBS, MD, etc., as a course is considered as the most challenging career option to study and the student studying this has to be determined, focused and committed towards this program. It is impossible to attain the respectable position in this field if your level of dedication is lower than what it demands.

The more you study, the more proficiency you achieve and age is never a factor in this field. But the minimum time that it demands from your daily life according to our experience, from what we have seen in our students is 10-14 hours of studies including their classes. The student must always remain active and compassionate towards learning from their teachers, colleagues and other available options. Students must also prepare themselves to rely on self-study and bring it into practice as this habit will transform them into a world class professional. Students are also advised not to miss their daily classes in any condition. Most important of all in medicine studies is that your teachers will always will be your guide during your journey but efforts towards gaining knowledge is your part.

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As you are an MBBS aspirant and MBBS is a very desirable career option for most of the students and they want to become doctor, but is it possible to get seat for Medical in India? ·        Every year more than 9,00,000 students apply for NEET examinations but seats are only 56,000.·        Total Government and privates seats sums upto 56,000 in India.·        Competition is very high.·        For each medical seat in India, 205 students fight. What are the other options available for you? ·        Drop your year and prepare for NEET  examination again and compete.·        Pay huge donations of upto 30-40 lakhs and Rs 11-18  lakhs per yearto get the management seat.·        Take the seat of BDS/BHMS/BAMS which does not have much demand and not a good career option.·        Last but one of the most suitable option- Study MBBS abroad.

Doctor is a very aspiring profession and every student who want to become a doctor applies to various Pre- Medical Examination like AIPMT, RPMT AND NOW NEET etc to get a seat in Indian medical colleges, but despite of continuous effort and and hard work many aspirants fail to achieve their goal and can’t make it.

But despite of less seats in India some students still look forward to achieve their dream of becoming doctor and search for options in neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. MBBS in Nepal and Bangladesh is also not a very cost effective solution because the cost of studying in these countries costs not below 40 lakhs in total. If any parent any how manages to pay such huge amount which is 9 lakhs per year, MCI screening test is still applies for such countries hence paying such a huge amount does not make sense.

Hence we bring the smart way of becoming doctor and pursuing MBBS in abroad universities which is cost effective as well as approved by Medical Council of India and World Health Organisation.Many students go abroad to pursue MBBS in CHINA RUSSIA UKRAINE PHILIPPINES KYRGYZSTAN where the fee per year is as low as 2-3 lakhs rupees per year(including hostel charges) and there are no hidden charges. MCI coachingclasses are available and there is NO DONATION and NO ENTRANCE EXAMINATION aswell.


Refund stares at Kannur and Karuna Medical Colleges – Supreme Court cancelling admissions

Thiruvananthapuram: With the Supreme Court cancelling admissions to 180 seats in Kannur and Karuna Medical Colleges, managements would have to refund the fee collected from students in these seats. However, the final decision on the refund would be taken only after a verdict on the revision petition being filed by the two colleges in the 

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