Ganan Medical University

The Cagayan State University (CSU)


Located in Ganzhou, a famous historical and cultural city insouth of Jiangxi province and beside Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Gannan MedicalUniversity (GMU) is the only medical university of Bachelor Degree in Jiangxiprovince. Professor Han Jisheng, an academician of China Science Academy, worksas the honorary president of GMU. GMU was founded as Ganxian Advanced MidwiferyVocational School of Jiangxi Province in 1941, developed to Gannan MedicalTechnical School in August 1958 and was updated to GMU in April 1988. GMU waseva luated to be excellent in teaching level of bachelor degree by the Ministryof Education of China in 2007, jointly cultivated graduates with otheruniversities in 2001 and postgraduates in 2008, and currently becomes animportant base for cultivating medical talents, supplying scientific serviceand innovating knowledge in Gannan, west of Fujian province, north of Guangdongprovince and east of Hunan province.


GMU is oriented to major in medicine and coordinate developmentof multi-discipline, multi-level and multi-type, boasts 19 bachelor degreemajors and 16 college majors, covering Medicine, Science, Engineering,Literature, Law, Management and Education, 16 schools such as School of BasicMedicine Sciences, School of Clinical Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School ofHumanities and Social Sciences, School of Information Engineering, School ofRehabilitation, School of International Education and School of Nursing, 3Teaching Research Departments, namely, Department of Teaching Research ofMilitary Education, Department of Teaching Research of Medicine Technology andDepartment of Teaching Research of Ideological and Political Theory. 2 nationaldistinguished majors, 4 provincial distinguished majors, 4 excellent provincialteaching teams, 4 model centre of provincial university experiment teaching, 2key university disciplines of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, 1 key provinciallaboratory, 2 key provincial university laboratory, 15 excellent provincialuniversity courses, 1 leading provincial medical disciplines and 8 leadingmedical disciplines of Ganzhou.


GMU boasts Zhanggong Campus and Huangjin Campus covering morethan 1,200 mu and 300,000 m2 of gross floor area, 2,920,340 books and 2,389staff, including the First, Second & Third Affiliated Hospitalsstaff,  There are 142 professors, 309 associate professors and 649postgraduates and doctors. And GMU boasts 13 teachers enjoying the specialallowance of the provincial and State Council government, 3 provincial modelteachers, 7 provincial distinguished teachers, 10 provincial academic leaders,37 provincial young and middle-aged leading teachers, 15 candidates ofprovincial Hundred-Thousand Project, 5 candidates of Ganpo Talent 555 Project,1 young scientist with title of Jinggang Star, 31 school academic leaders, 58young and middle-aged school leading teachers,1 part-time supervisor ofpostgraduate and 48 part-time supervisors of graduates who have supervised morethan 100 students. GMU currently boasts more than 10,000 students, including9,173 undergraduates, 1,684 college students & 140 overseas students, and6,822 students majoring in adult education. Over the past 70 years, GMUcultivated more than 30,000 advanced professionals. Over past few years, GMUacted as a pioneer in implementing the Talent Cultivation Pattern of Orders inJiangxi province, directly serving the grassroots’ medical hospitals and contributingto the medical causes of Jiangxi province and the neighboring areas.


GMU adheres to the aim of serving the regional economicdevelopment based on scientific research. Over the past few years, GMUundertook the research of Chinese Nature Science Foundation Projects,affiliated subject of major projects of National Science and Technology SupportProgram and provincial subjects. Academic articles are collected by SCI, EI andISTP. More than 100 works/textbooks are compiled by GMU. GMU hosts Gannan MedicalUniversity Journal, an academic journal issued home and abroad, jointly hostsNeuroscience Bulletin, Chinese Journal of Medical Education, Truth Seeking etc.


GMU takes the initiative to do exchange and cooperation home andabroad, began to recruit full-time overseas students of clinical medicine in2005, invites renowned academicians and doctor supervisors from USA, Japan,Australia etc to deliver lectures and exchanges and cooperates with someuniversities of USA, UK, and Korea etc.


70-year history of GMU gives birth to fine tradition, namely,“Hard Struggle and Plain Living” and “Be Scientific and Practical”. Of the newera, the staff of GMU will uphold the motto of “Building Morality &Decency” and “Pursuing Truth & Innovation”, adhere to the belief of “Basedon Jiangxi Province, Oriented to China, Serving Grassroots”, accord to thedevelopment route of “Intensifying Characteristics, Emphasizing Connotation, Bemore Open”, stick to scientific development and strive to the goal of buildingthe medical university of majoring in medicine and coordinatingmulti-discipline.