Dalian Medical University

The Cagayan State University (CSU)


Founded in 1947 asGuandong Medical College, Dalian Medical University (DLMEDU) has developed intoa multi-disciplinary medical university located in the coastal city-Dalian. As the biggestharbor city in Northeast China region, Dalian is an important internationalshipping center, logistics center and financial center in Northeast Asia.Owning excellent environment and temperate climate, Dalian was firstly listedas the “Best Tourist Cities” of China. In 2009, it was recognized by UNEP andawarded the highest prize of international garden city by IFPRA.

DLMEDUis the largest medical university in China which enrolls the most internationalstudents, as much as 1300 from 82 countries in degree programs. It occupies anarea of 373 acres with building area of 94 acres and contains 22 teaching andscientific research institutions, 5 supplementary teaching organizations, 1branch college, 1 affiliated medical school, 9 affiliated hospitals (2 aredirectly affiliated hospitals), over 100 teaching bases, 1 state levelInternational Scitech Cooperation base, 1 ministerial level researchinstitution, 1 ministerial level lab, 10 provincial level key labs, 1provincial level engineering technology research center and 6 provincial keylabs for universities.


Theuniversity has a staff team of 4500, including 580 professor, 660 associateprofessors and 910 Doctoral. and master tutors. The number of students hasreached up to 12,800, including 1300 international degree students. In 2011,246 international students are admitted to take the Bachelor’s degree programstaught in English or Chinese, which covers Clinical Medicine, Oral Medicine,and Nursing. Clinical Medicine is the earliest established discipline in DLMEDUwith solid foundation and strong academic strength.

The MBBSprogram for international students in DLMEDU was set in 2004 and in 2007 theMOE declared it as the qualified university to offer English-taught MBBSprogram. The program is open in each spring and autumn, with the same durationand tuition fee. Besides, it can be taught in English and Japanese uponstudents’ choice. According to the framework agreement on degree accreditationbetween MOE of China and other countries, the degree awarded by DLMEDU isrecognized in 31 countries. In addition, the university also signed agreementswith medical associations in Thailand, Ghana, Sri Lanka.


Theuniversity has carried out the exchange and cooperation in domestic and abroadwidely. Till now, it has established cooperative relationships with Universityof Sao Paulo Medical School in Brazil, The University of Adelaide in Australia,the Ohio State University in USA, the University of Groningenin Holland, University of Toyama in Japan, University of Oslo in Norway,BaFuLuoFu State Medicine University in Russia, Dnepropetrovsk NationalUniversity in Ukraine etc 99 universities or scientific institutions in 38countries and regions.

DLMEDUis recognized by WHO and the graduates of MBBS program are eligible to take theMedical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in differentcountries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS etc.