Kazan State Medical University ( ksmu)

Kazanstate medical universityBased primarily in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia,the Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) is afederal university madeup of nine faculties.Kazan State Medical University is amultifunctional and multi-levelled state institution of higher learning inmedicine. It meets both personal and social needs in acquiring education inmedicine, in developing biomedical and clinical sciences, as well as broadening scientific knowledge of medical sciences. KSMU functions on the basis ofself-governance and belongs to the system of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The highest body or KSMU self governance is academic council with university’s regulations. On March 6, 1994,the university was issued with a license number 16 G – 235 by the State Committee of Russian Federation of Higher Education which grants the right to perform activities in the field of professional education. Under the auspices of Kazan State Medical University there work a pharmaceutical and two medical colleges in Kazan, one medical college Mary EI Republic, lycee and biomedical classes on the secondary school basis. This complex educational system in the framework of the university provides the continuous higher education of medicine. Kazan State Medical University carries on an aimed preparation of experts in different fields of medicine for 10 republics, Povolzhie and Uralregions. According to the results of a rating of medical schools, KSMU takesthe 16 place among 86 other universities.[1] Foundedin 1814, KSMU was the second university institution to be founded in Kazan, the third medical university institution in the Russia.


 and ranked 7354 in the 4 icu world university ranking.Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) islocated in the central part of Kazan.The KSMU main campus is on Butlerov Street, although there are also other KSMU buildings throughout Kazan. The main campus includes main libraries, the museum, the departments of foreign languages, history, philosophy, political science and sociology, medical biology and genetics, public health and organization of healthcare, economical theory and social work, general and organic chemistry, microbiology, pathological physiology. A further set of buildings based around Universality Street includes the departments of physiology, histology and anatomy.The area around KSMU is occupied by a number of other renowned institutions, including Lobachevsky Library, KazanState Technical University, Tatar State University of Humanities and Education,Kazan State University The nearest bus stop to the main KSMU campus is Tolstogo. Other nearby bus stops are CPKOiO im Gorkogo, Shmidta,Chekhovsky rinok, Mushtari, Dostoevsky.

 Teaching system

Every subject after assessing and evaluatingthe student’s performance is allocated a grade as below:·        Grade - “5”, five signifies excellent performance.·        Grade - “4”, four signifies Good performance.·        Grade - “3”, three signifies satisfactory performance.However, it is understood that: Grade 5 isequivalent to – 90% and above; Grade 4 is equivalent to – 80-89%; Grade 3 isequivalent to - 75 -79%; Grade 2 stands for failure. 

EligibilityMinimum 55% marksrequired in PCB in 12th grade.