St. Petersburg Medical University

Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU, Russian: Санкт-Петербургскийгосударственный университет, СПбГУ) is a Russian federalstate-owned higher education institution basedin Saint Petersburg.It is the oldest and one of the largest universities in Russia.It is made up of 24 specialized facultiesand institutes, the Faculty of Military Studies, the Academic Gymnasium, theMedical College, the College of Physical culture and Sports, Economics andTechnology and the Department of Physical Culture and Sports. The universityhas two primary campuses:one on Vasilievsky Island and the other in Peterhof.During the Soviet period,it was known as LeningradState University (Russian: Ленинградскийгосударственный университет). It was named after Andrei Zhdanov in1948.Saint Petersburg State University is thesecond best multi-faculty university in Russia after Moscow State University.In international rankings the university was ranked 240th[2] in2013/2014 by the QSWorld University Rankings, it was placed351–400th[3] bythe Times Higher Education WorldUniversity Rankings and301–400th[4] bythe Academic Ranking of World Universities outperformingthe rest of universities in Russia excluding Moscow State University.The university has a reputation for havingeducated the majority of Russia's political elite; these include presidents Vladimir Putin and Dimitry Medvedev,both of whom studied Law at the university.The university is Russia's oldestuniversity, founded in 1724 by Peter the Great, which predates the foundationof Moscow State University in 1755.[citation needed]Saint Petersburg state university isincluded in all ratings and lists of the best universities in the world and isone of the leaders in all indicators in Russia.[citation needed]The university was the first from Russianuniversities to join The Coimbra Group (CG) andnow it represents Russia.