Peoples friendship University

The Cagayan State University (CSU)

The Peoples' Friendship University ofRussia, also known as RUDN University, is aneducational and research institution located in Moscow.

1.  The main campus of PFUR is situated along Miklukho-Maklayastreet starting from Leninsky prospect in the direction of Volgina street. Onthe even-numbered side you can find: The main building of PFUR (called«Cross»), buildings of faculties of medicine and agriculture, and also sportcomplex, policlinic, the archives and the new building of the faculty of theRussian language and general educational disciplines, the building of naturalsciences and humanitarian faculties hosting the faculty of Humanitarian andsocial sciences, Institute of hotel business and tourism (IHBT), Institute forinternational programs (IIP), Institute of Supplementary professionaleducation, postgraduate department.2.  The campus of Engineering Academy and Faculty of Science. It islocated on Sergo Ordzhonikidze Street, 3. Campus consists from some blocks andhas historically interesting. Because block at Sergo Ordzhonikidze street, 3/4was built in 1913 by BorisAlberti.This is former parochial secondary school with the church named after DukeVladimir in 1913-1919.[13][14][15] The block at Sergo Ordzhonikidze street,3/1 was built in 1930 years and was main house of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of USSR. Engineering Academy and Faculty of Physicaland Mathematical Sciences started to use this house complex in 1960 years.3.  The campus of Ecology faculty. It is located on Podol'skoeshosse, 8.4.  The campus of The faculty of Refresher training for health careprofessionals. It is located on Leninsky prospect.
Degrees offered

  •          Bachelor's degree ( 4 years of study)
  •          State Specialist degree ( 5 years of study
  •          Medical Doctor degree ( 6 years of Study)
  •          Master's degree (2 years of study following B.Sc.)
  •          Ph.D. (3 years after Masters or Specialist)
  •          D.Sc. (2–3 years after Ph.D.)
  •          Summer schools programms (Russian language learning; Shortcourses, different areas)