Osh State medical University

The Cagayan State University (CSU)

The MedicalFaculty, Osh State University isa public medical institute located in Osh, Kyrgyzstan.It was opened in 2014 as of the re organisation of the Osh State PedagogicalInstitute into Osh State University.The Medical Institute prepares medicalprofessionals in specialties of General Medicine and Pediatrics. Teachinghospitals are well equipped, with modern diagnostic and treatment facilities.244 highly qualified teachers are working in 19 Chairs. The Institute has itsown library with 32,178 medical books and international scientific journals.The Medical Institute is known for maintaining the very highest standards ofacademic honesty and institutional integrity.During the years of its existence, theMedical Institute has trained foreign students from more than twenty countries.At present 2751 students are studying at the Medical Institute, including about600 students from other countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan,and Turkmenistan.Instruction is in both English and Russian.

The Medical Institute rewards the degree ofM.D. It is accredited, recognised and listed with the WorldHealth Organisation (WHO), Educational Commission for ForeignMedical Graduates (ECFMG)in the USA, International Medical Education Directory (IMED),and by The Medical Council Of INDIA (MCI)in INDIA, so its degree is recognized all over the world. This gives MedicalInstitute graduates the ability to continue postgraduate education in othercountries such as America.[citation needed]All clinical hospitals at the MedicalInstitute are equipped with modern facilities to train students at a highscientific and professional level. In particular, all types of diagnostics,thermovision, angiography,endoscopic technique, highly effective means of treatment by hyperbaricoxygenation, laser therapy, modern efferent methods of de-toxication and manyothers are widely used.