Jalal Abad State Medical University

The Cagayan State University (CSU)

 The Jalalabad State Medical University came into operation just after an yearOsh State University was started i.e. 1992. It is a public body institution andprovides options for higher studies in several departments such asconstruction, energy, electronics, medical education, agriculture, etc. Goingby the figures, the Jalalabd State Medical University itself has 250+ teachersincluding more than 10 professors cum doctors & 40+ Ph. D doctors. Severalof these highly skilled docts are also members of National Academy of Sciencein Kyrgyz Rebublic as well as serve as academic advisors for country.Currently,there are 4,500+ students enrolled in Jalalabad StateMedical University. The university has adopted such a systemwhich provides the following levels of training i.e Diploma, Associate Degree,Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree & Doctorate degree. The Jalalabad State Medical University offers several programs for local& foreign students which are as follows 1: General Medicine, Nursing,Computers, Physics, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities, Russian Language,Kyrgyz Language, Biology, Pedagogy, Psychology, Physical Education, Ecology,Mechanics, Food Technology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Water Engineering,etc.

         The mainadministrative department of Jalalabad State Medical University is situated inthe main campus of it. The engineering faculty is located in the city ofKara-Kul. It is a city located 176 kms. from Jalalabad and along theJalalabad-Bishkek highway at a distance of approx 400 kms. The faculty ofengineering is located at a distance of 460 kms. from Jalalabad-Bishkek highwayin the city of Tash-Kumyr. The faculty of electrical engineering is located inthe city of Mayluu-Suu which is 112 kms. away from Jalalabad. The city ofMayluu-Suu runs along the western foothills of famous Ferghana range on thebank of river. This city is also known as a center & hub for central Asiaelectric works. The faculty of technology is situated at a mere distance of 54kms. from Jalalabad and approx 500 kms. from Bishkek in the city ofKochkor-Ata. With so many faculties & universities in Jalalabd StateUniversity, it has become the largest training & research centre of Kyrgyzrepublic. The city of Jalalabad came into existence in 1980’s and is consideredthe 3rd largest city of Kyrgyzstan. Being the capital of Jalalabat state, it isthe economic, political & cultural of the state of Jalalabad.