Jilin Medical University

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                                                                                                 JILIN MEDICAL UNIVERSITY 

Jilin MedicalUniversity was previously known as Jilin Military Medical University (Jilin AirForce Medical University). The university was established in 1952 as Anshan AirForce Medical Middle School and then developed into Jilin Air Force MedicalUniversity. It was the only medical university of the Air Force. The universitylater merged with the largest of the military medical schools—the Forth MilitaryMedical University of Chinese PLA. The school was renamed at that time as JilinMilitary Medical University of the Forth Military Medical University of ChinesePLA.

       Until July 2004 it was one of the Chinese PLA (Peoples' Liberation Army)Academies. The main purpose of the university was to train medical personnelfor the Air Force. It was a military medical university with glorious historyand fine tradition.

       In 2004 after the State Council and Military Commission reorganized themilitary medical schools the university became part of the national ordinaryuniversity system. It is now the only independent comprehensive medicaluniversity in Jilin province.

       When the university reaches full enrollment there will be 10,000 full-time undergraduatestudents. The university recruits students from all over China . At present ithas recruited more than 5000 students from 27 provinces, municipalities andautonomous regions all over China . The university also takes part in thetraining of national defense students.

       Jilin Medical University is located near the Songhua River in the beautifulnortheastern Chinese city of Jilin . Jilin City was recently chosen as one ofthe most beautiful cities in China . Jilin is famous for its winter scenerywhich includes many days of hoarfrost covered trees. The campus of JilinMedical University is located in the educational zone in the south riversection of Jilin City . Near the campus the Songhua River bends its way aroundthe southern part of Jilin . The fresh air, beautiful environment, convenienttransportation and the strong cultural atmosphere make it a good place forstudents to study. 

        The University has a large campus with the modern buildings covering more than360,000 square meters. The university has fixed asset of 600 million RMB. TheUniversity has state-of-the-art teaching facilities. The new teaching andresearch buildings are equipped with academic exchange centers, science halls,language labs, an electronic library reading room and on-line computerclassrooms. All classrooms have modern multimedia teaching equipment. Theuniversity makes extensive use of multimedia teaching. The newly completed48,000 square meter Experimental Medicine Center is furnished with advancedequipment and functions, it can accommodate more than 7,000 students at thesame time.

        Jilin Medical University offers 8 undergraduate first level subjects:preventive medicine, clinical medicine and medical technology, stomatology,nursing, pharmacy, psychology, electronic-information and public affairsadministration.

       The university also offers 12 undergraduate second-level subjects: preventivemedicine, clinical medicine, medical tests, medical imaging, medical biologicaltechnology, stomatology, nursing, pharmacy, pharmaceutical, public affairsadministration, applied psychology, biomedical engineering.

       The university has 13 undergraduate courses and specialized directions:clinical medicine, clinical medicine (with an emphasis on reproductivemedicine), clinical medicine (with an emphasis on Mother-Child Health),preventive medicine(nutrition and food hygiene), applied psychology(medicalpsychology), biomedical engineering, public affairs administration, pharmacy,pharmaceutical preparations, medical test, medical imaging, nursing, Englishnursing.

       Jilin Medical University stresses teaching reforms and takes curriculumconstruction as the foundation. Teachers training is ongoing and a key part ofthe university's vision. With many different departments the university triesto promote and reflect each department's characteristics.

       The university puts stress on the construction of subjects and the curriculums.The university has two key constructed subjects on the military level, two keymedical laboratories on the military level, one national course, threeoutstanding courses on the provincial level and three excellent courses.

       Jilin Medical University has a well structured professional faculty withexperienced teachers holding doctoral and master degrees. The faculty membershave strong sense of enterprise and are well qualified in their fields ofteaching, medical service and scientific research. More than 30 percent of thefaculty is presently involved in graduate studies. The university has full-timeprofessors, part-time professors, associate professors and other first-classprofessional persons who number more than 190.

       Among the faculty members are 31 postgraduate tutors and 2 who enjoy specialallowances from the State Council. 21 faculty members have been honored asoutstanding teachers by the nation, military or province.

       Jilin Medical University has relatively strong scientific research and academicresearch ability. The university has successfully completed research on 86different topics for the state and the military. The university has received574 Technology Achievement Awards on the national level, 39 National InventionAward and national patents.

       Jilin Medical University has also received more than 40 teaching achievementand educational technology achievement awards. The faculty has published morethan 6000 articles in periodicals or at meetings on or above the provinciallevel. The Ministry of Public Health has awarded the university two top prizesfor the editing of planned teaching materials. Our university has beenidentified as the editing unit of the national teaching material committee.

       The campus information network is rich. In our library, there are 300,000 columnsof collections, over 50,000 electronic books and more than 600 differentperiodicals. The university's library has been evaluated as an “excellentlibrary” among universities in Jilin province. The university's medical journal“Jilin Medical University Journal” is part of “ China 's Core JournalsDatabase.” It was awarded first prize by the Military Medical Periodicals.

       Jilin Medical University 's affiliated hospital, 456 Hospital is acomprehensive hospital involved with medical service, teaching, research,preventive medicine and health care. It has advanced equipments such as MRI,DSA, poly-spiral CT, DR digital video camera, digital gastrointestinalmachines, 24-hour Holter monitoring, color ultrasounds, full-automaticbiochemical analyzer, high-energy focus ultrasonic knives, hyperbaric oxygenchamber and other equipment. The hospital can perform heart and lungtransplants, bivalve replacement and major vascular surgery, PTCA, coronaryartery bypass grafting (CABG) and open heart surgery for infants withcomplicated congenital heart disease. The hospital is identified as one thataids the poor. Currently the hospital has three specialties that are keyspecialties in Jilin province

       The university has a first-class cultural and sports center. The comprehensivemodern recreation center encompasses nearly 5000 square meters. It can hold3600 people. The center has a standard shooting range, table tennis hall,basketball courts and fitness clubs. It is not only serves the university buyalso many large events in Jilin City .

       The university's outside sports field covers 40000 square meters with afootball field, basketball courts, tennis courts, skating rink and runningtrack. The sports center and outside sports field meet the needs of PEteaching, training and competitions.

       The campus environment is beautiful and tree-shaded. It is a model “GreenUnit.” The newly-built student campus, the comprehensive student dinning halland the commercial center provide students with a superior quality, comfortableand convenient learning environment. The artificial lake and the 500-meter longcultural gallery make a beautiful picture. It is a perfect place for the staffand students to study, relax and entertain themselves.

       The university adheres to the scientific concept of development. Promote thesoul, study extensively, live morally and work to heal others. The university'sguiding principal is: “seize the opportunity, accelerate development, raise thelevel and become a famous school." The university administration is guidedby this concept: "manage the university following the law, establish auniversity of high quality, develop the university's features, and strengthenthe university with science and technology."

       Jilin Medical University is making efforts to promote quality education inorder to develop applied and skill-based talents. Currently, all the staff isrousing the spirit of unity, doing solid work and advancing with the times. Weare making great efforts to improve conditions, to strengthen our ability torun a modern school, to make distinctive features and at the same time strivingto make our university become an influential first-level medical university inChina .






























REGISTRATION FEE                                         50,000

VISA AND DOCUMENTATION                       50,000

SERVICECHARGE                                          50,000