National Pirogov Memorial Medical University ( Vinnitsya National Medical University )

The Cagayan State University (CSU)
Vinnitsa Medical Institute n.a. N.I Pirogov And since 1921 the University has been training Competent doctors for 97 years. For this period about 44 thousand of specialists have been trained, who work in Ukraine and in many countries of the world. 
Now training of specialists is carried out at 53 chairs, where the competent scientific- pedagogical staff works . Among them there are an academician of the National Academy Of Medical Sciences, 5 academicians and 5 members - correspondents of Academies of Science, 120 doctors of science, professors, 554 candidates of science, associated professors. 
The Medical University has traditions in educational, research activity, organization of the students, Leisure, maintaining of heartly relations with the graduates. 
Material- technical basis: 3 educational buildings, Modern Equipment, research center and center of new information technologies, more than 780 modern computers, which are connected up to internet,  large library , own printing house. The muslim center and the  Mosque function near the University . 
At the Medical University 6250 students are trained, including 2080 foreigners. In total about 44,000 doctors among them 2100 specialists of the highest level, possessing the candidate's ahd Ph.D and M.D degrees, including more than 7,500 foreign citizens from 106 foreign countries of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa have been trained. 

Annually the University chairs issue 10-12 text books of methodics and other educational- methodical materials for the foreign students. 

The activity of  the Medical University on training doctors among the foreign citizens, international collaboration and international realtions are coordinated by the Vice- Rector for international links.
Student Review Of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University 

The university has 6 hostels, 4 canteens, 7 buffets and 2 Libraries. During the period of studies at the University each student is provided with a room in a student's hostel which is equiped with good furniture, appropriate maintenance service, kitchens, shower rooms and other places of common for some extra charge. In the hostels the passing by regime functions and the appropriate protection is ensured. 
For US 50$ per month with comfortable hostel room with a TV set, a telephone, a refrigerator is provided.

Health Services
Medical Aid is provided to all foreign students on the basis of the medical insurance policy. 

On the signing the contract of studies with the University , the medical insurance policy is made, which ensures assistance in the medical establishments of our city and Ukraine. It is renewed each academic year.