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    About MBA in UK

    An MBA in UK provides a high degree of sophistication, a matchless charm, and above all, quality of education that is backed by centuries of tradition. The United Kingdom is just the right place to give your career that global edge. One major advantage of pursuing an MBA in UK is its duration; which is one year as compared to the two years in other parts of the world. Also, unlike those in other countries, most UK universities recognize the 3 year bachelor’s degree. The main advantages of studying an MBA in UK are include an internationally recognized high standard of education, intensively studied and achieved over a 12 month period, excellent value for money and an international outlook in fundamentals. An MBA in UK therefore represents an unrivaled opportunity to obtain not only the skills necessary for a successful professional career but also an insight and contacts with the huge European market and business environment.

    Geography of UK

    The United Kingdom is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.The total area of the United Kingdom according to the Office for National Statistics is 248,532 square kilometres (95,960 sq mi), comprising the island of Great Britain, the northeastern one-sixth of the island of Ireland (Northern Ireland) and many smaller islands. This makes it the 7th largest island country in the world. England is the largest country of the United Kingdom, at 132,938 square kilometres (51,330 sq mi) accounting for just over half the total area of the UK.

    Foreign relations of UK

    The diplomatic foreign relations of the United Kingdom are conducted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, headed by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The Prime Minister and numerous other agencies play a role in setting policy, and many institutions and businesses have a voice and a role.

    MBA in UK

    One of the most popular courses across the globe, a degree in business from a UK university helps students gain knowledge about planning, running and operations of an organization. Students get exposure to different aspects of the business world which includes areas such as marketing, finance, human resource and administration. While the initial stage involves an overview of the entire business world, at a more advanced stage, students can opt for specialization in one of the disciplines of business. MBA being the most sought after business program is offered by an array of UK universities. Some of the top institutions that provide MBA in UK include, University of Oxford, University of Warwick, University of Bath and University of St Andrews.

    Why MBA in UK?

    United Kingdom is one of the most sought after destinations for MBA education. Business and Management programs in the United Kingdom are still the most popular courses among international students. Century old tradition, matchless education quality, and a high degree of sophistication are some of the obvious reasons for enrolling in an MBA program in the United Kingdom.

    Country UK
    Capital London
    Currency Pound sterling
    Population 66.87 million
    Dialing Code +44
    Religion Roman Catholic
    Christians 53.6%
    Islam 5.02%
    Hinduism 1.5%
    Area 242,495 km²

    MBA in UK Eligibility 2019

    To seek admission in a business course in UK, students must meet the below mentioned basic eligibility criteria:-

    Undergraduate Diploma / Degree

    • Completion of secondary education studies equivalent to UK’s standards
    • Furnish school documents / transcripts and relevant certificates
    • Prove proficiency in English language i.e. obtain an admissible IELTS / TOEFL score

    Post Graduate Degree / Diploma

    • A relevant 3-years bachelor’s degree obtained from a recognized university, equivalent to a UK degree
    • Minimum 1 year of work experience may be asked by some UK universities
    • Meet the criterion of proficiency in English language with a good score in IELTS / TOEFL exam
    • Some universities grant admission on the basis of GMAT score as well

    Advantages of studying MBA in UK

    • A globally recognized degree is offered
    • Universities at UK offer diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs in business.
    • MBA in UK stands atop the most popular business courses and is offered by some of the UK’s best universities.
    • Along with theoretical studies, business courses at UK universities also focus on case studies and practical exposure as they help students understand the subjects in a better way.
    • A degree in business from a UK university enhances the career options and earning potential of the students.
    • In some of the institutions students have to undergo an internship program as a part of the course curriculum.