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    About MBA in USA

    An MBA in USA is more practical, applied, contemporary and progressive to meet the needs of the society and the students. After completing an MBA in USA, a student can add value to the organizations they join and understand how to incorporate realtime economic changes into their business strategies. The courses in an MBA in USA follow a systematic approach which emphasizes how a leader approaches problems and finds solutions in a unique and comprehensive way. The MBA in USA also helps international students be more competitive in the job market across the world. Tuition fees and other expenses can vary significantly from university to university. The main body concerned with the accreditation of US academic programmes in business administration and management is the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the International Association for Management Education.


    Geography of USA

    From 1989 through 1996, the total area of the US was listed as 9,372,610 km2 (3,618,780 sq mi) (land + inland water only). The listed total area changed to 9,629,091 km2 (3,717,813 sq mi) in 1997 (Great Lakes area and coastal waters added), to 9,631,418 km2 (3,718,711 sq mi) in 2004, to 9,631,420 km2 (3,718,710 sq mi) in 2006, and to 9,826,630 km2 (3,794,080 sq mi) in 2007 (territorial waters added). Currently, the CIA World Factbook gives 9,826,675 km2 (3,794,100 sq mi),[2] the United Nations Statistics Division gives 9,629,091 km2 (3,717,813 sq mi),[3] and the Encyclopædia Britannica gives 9,522,055 km2 (3,676,486 sq mi)(Great Lakes area included but not coastal waters).[4] These sources consider only the 50 states and the Federal District, and exclude overseas territories. The US has the 2nd largest Exclusive Economic Zone of 11,351,000 km2 (4,383,000 sq mi).

    Foreign relations of USA

    The United States has formal diplomatic relations with most nations. This includes all UN member states and UN observer states other than (a) UN member states Bhutan, Iran, North Korea and Syria and (b) the UN observer State of Palestine. Additionally, the U.S. has diplomatic relations with the European Union and Kosovo. The United States federal statutes relating to foreign relations can be found in Title 22 of the United States Code. For several years, the United States had the most diplomatic posts of any state but as of 2020, it is second to the People’s Republic of China.

    MBA in USA

    Business Management is among the most popular fields of study at universities in the USA, particularly at the post graduate level. The course offers a comprehensive view of various fields of business and management and is designed to equip students with industrial skills and self-confidence to effectively and efficiently manage and adapt to the dynamic business environment. Being one of the world’s top study destinations, USA houses a plethora of universities that offer globally reputed MBA degrees and curriculum that enhances the core business skills and overall personality of the students.

    Why MBA in USA?

    The USA is the largest economic engine of the World and is considered as the vast of the MBA programs and the capitalism. The MBA programs in the USA provide students an opportunity to study in an exciting international environment along with students from diverse cultural background who join the USA universities. It is often noticed that availing an admission to MBA program in USA is easier compared to that of any of the premier institutes in India both based on efforts and cost.

    Country USA
    Capital Washington, D.C.
    Currency US dollar
    Population 327.2 million
    Dialing Code +1
    Religion Christians
    Christians 73.7%
    Islam 0.8%
    Hinduism 0.7%
    Area 9.834 million km²
    National MBA University
    National University
    State MBA University
    Private MBA University

    MBA in USA Eligibility 2019

    A majority of the universities in the USA require an applicant to have a minimum 16 years of education before applying for MBA. Therefore, the applicant must have completed at least four years of education (graduation or diploma) after 10+2. Students who have completed their Master’s degree are also qualified to apply for MBA in the USA.

    Advantages of studying MBA in USA

    There are a number of reasons that make MBA colleges in USA an attractive study destination

    • They offerample career and growth opportunities to international students.
    • Graduates of this field get much higher salary packages in comparison to students belonging to other fields.
    • With a classroom of students belonging to various regions of the world, international students get to learn a lot about business management activities of other countries.
    • MBA courses give international students the opportunity to gain experience by completing an internship with local companies.