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From Chancellor's Table

Dear friends,

You are welcome to the Rostov State Medical University. Today Rostov State Medical
University is the leading Higher Educational Institution of the Rostov region on training medical specialists. It is also the largest educational, scientific and medical center of Southern Russia and is one of the oldest universities in our country. We are proud to offer our medical, dental, pharmaceutical and nursing education programs. I hope that the Internet resources of Rostov State Medical University will help you get all the necessary information about our University. At our website you can find everything about the University structure, its faculties and departments, scientific and research projects, and other kinds of reference information. On the website, special attention is paid to the applicants who can learn about the specialties, admission rules, training and accommodation conditions of Rostov State Medical University.

University success is based on a blend of glorious traditions and actual innovative approaches multiplied by a great potential of human resources. We are proud to be a unique educational, scientific and medical complex that graduates, certifies and provides lifelong professional education for physicians and other healthcare workers; that contributes significantly to the domestic and global medicine. The University is closely linked to the fundamental and applied research, highly efficient medical treatment, and propaganda of medical and pharmaceutical achievements.

I also hope that the website will significantly broaden the possibilities for patients of our Clinic, becoming a convenient and useful navigator for them.

International cooperation is an important aspect of Rostov State Medical University activity. Its goal is an integration into the international scientific and educational sphere, ensuring the quality of education and its compliance with international standards.International cooperation is carried out by the following structural units of the RSMU: Dean’s office of Preparatory Faculty, Dean’s office of Faculty of Training Foreign Students and Postgraduates, International Cooperation Department. The realization of international educational projects includes the collaboration with the major foreign universities, scientific and medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in order to develop the specific research subjects, provide clinical tests of drugs and participate in international forums held in Russia and abroad. Rostov State Medical University provides reception of foreign delegations and conducts students exchange for practical training. University staff is involved in the work of international companies and organizations and does its best to get the grants of international funds and organizations.An essential component of the international cooperation of the RSMU is to interest foreign students in training, based on general and special programs, to organize students exchanges and practical training for post-graduates and professors. Our University is rich with knowledge and experience that is generously transferred to our students, to those whose mission will be to face the challenges of the 21st century in the field of medicine and people aiding, to implement new methods and technologies in healthcare.

Rostov State Medical University (Ростовский государственной медицинский университет) is a public higher education institution in Russia. Degrees are recognized globally. Graduates of the Rostov State Medical University have all the necessary knowledge, skills and qualifications that enable them to succeed in their future careers. They are in demand in the medical sector.

Considering ROSTSMU

For most students choosing a university, it is the first important decision they make after secondary high
school. And it is one that shaped and influences both present and future life. Picking one medical university
to attend is truly an overwhelming choice for some. Among myriad schools all over the world students and
parents alike stress about choosing the right one. We present to you the main information about Rostov state
medical university and admission to facilitate your choice.

RostSMU, Rostov (Top Rank University)

“Welcome to fullfill your Dream to become a successful doctor, one and only best medical university of Russia – RostSMU”

RostSMU is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. Only University in Rostov-on-Don which is recognized by the Ministry of health & ministry of education and science of the Russian federation.

Rostov State Medical University

Rostov State Medical University:
It is one of the best medical universities in Russia. It is the main medical university in Rostov-on-Don city and provides doctors and nurses for the region. RostSMU has six faculties for foreign students which have a strong emphasis on health and biomedical sciences but our strengths are combining fundamental science with teaching practical skills. Rostov Medical University is justifiably an International University. Nearly seven hundred students from thirty countries all around the world are studying here and some of them the learning language is English. Moreover, we have a large number of students who came from neighbors and remote regions of the Russian federation. We are proud that Rostov state medical university is attractive to young people from different parts of the world. Therefore our priority is to be supportive and careful to international Students. Education at Rostov State Medical University is highly rated-we are in the top list of medical universities in the Russian Federation. Foreign Students consider RostSMU as a desirable place to study and acknowledge our high grade teaching. Rostov State Medical University is the largest basic training and research center in southern Russia.

Over the 100 yrs of its existence, it has become a diversified complex with ten faculties, a medical college, a military training center, and its own clinic on University’s main campus. The leading
and advanced doctors of Russia have formed on the basis of the Rostov state medical university their major scientific schools, headed by the honored workers of science, employees of high school, honored doctors, honored workers of health and culture, as well as work renown scientists. Rostov state medical university is also known as Rostov state medical institute, RSMU, RostSMU, RostGMU, РостГМУ. The division of Medicine in 1915 at the Russian Warsaw Universitywas moved to Rostov-on-Don and converted to Don university. The best representative of medical schools of Warsaw, Moscow, st. Petersburg and Kazan were collected in its medical faculty and have founded their own Rostov medical school, which had become one of the best medical institutions in Russia. It was initially formed as a department and later transformed into a medical institute in 1930. Due to the diversity in the students that attended the University, an award of the order of friendship was awarded to the university in 1980. RostSMU has been training foreign students (Doctors) since 1961 and it’s highly appreciated abroad. Dean’s office of foreign students on training foreign students and post was organized in 1964. Then later in 1994, the Rostov medical institute which is the largest basic training, research, and treatment center in southern Russia was renamed Rostov state medical university.

Faculty on Training Foreign Students and Postgraduates:

Degree of M.D Physician of the Rostov State Medical University which has been training specialists for foreign countries since 1961 is highly appreciated abroad. In 1964 the Dean’s office of Faculty on Training Foreign Students and Postgraduates was organized. Foreign students are trained at the faculties of General Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, and Stomatology. Annually the University produces about 100 foreign specialists from about 100 countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Students from different countries live as one big friendly family successfully obtaining one of the noblest and humane professions — medical one. Training foreign citizens on the postgraduate stage at the university has been carrying out since 1965. Approximately 100 specialists are trained in the internship, residency, and postgraduate (Ph.D.) course at the Rostov State Medical University. Annually 4-5 foreign postgraduates successfully defend their thesis with awarding the scientific title Ph.D. Young scientistsforeigners represent our University at international congresses and symposia on actual problems of medicine in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, the USA, Turkey, and other countries.

Many graduates of the Rostov State Medical University after completing the residency and postgraduate course became prominent statesmen, heads of clinics, hospitals, departments of Ministries of Health in their Motherland.

Main Faculties of ROSTSMU

  • General Medicine (MBBS) – 6 years
  • Dentistry (BDS) — 5 years
  • Pharmacy – 5 years
  • Preparatory Course – 8/10 months
  • Post Graduation – 2 yrs

Eligibility for Admission

  • Enrollment form.
  • The minimum requirement is an average of 60% marks in higher secondary school (each in chemistry, biology, and English language).
  • NEET is mandatory for Indian Students.
  • Fees Guarantee letter

Why Study MBBS at RostSMU

  • The Top Government Medical University of Russia.
  • The only university is Rostov-on-Don, recognized by WHO, listed in the world directory of Medical Schools (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine).
  • Medical degrees obtained from RostSMU are acceptable to the province/territorial medical
    regulatory authorities in Canada, and therefore acceptable to all medical organizations in Canada.
  • RostSMU is recognized by leading Medical councils viz. NMC, GMC, EUA, ECFMG etc.
  • No IELTS, TOEFL is required.
  • No Donation, No Capitation Fee, No Hidden Charges.
  • Best results in the FMGE exam.
  • Special NEXT/FMGE Live & Online Coaching during studies.
  • More than 1200 Indian graduates are working in India & Overseas.
  • RostSMU is the lowest tuition fee university in Russia with quality education.
  • RostSMU is the only government Medical University that provides weekly class reports to
    parents. Students and parents will get a username and password for it.
  • RostSMU library is well organized with computers, access to the Internet, to world electronic
    resources. About 16 thousand people visit the library during the year; these are students and
    researchers of the university, medical workers of Rostov State Medical University, and the city.
  • 5 Fully equipped Govt. Hostels with high security. The only university in Russia with Hostels on
    for new students, which are located on the main street of city Pushkinskaya / Tetralnaya
  • Indian food is available. Cafes, Restaurants, Canteens are nearby hostels & University Campus.
  • RostSMU & Representative of university celebrates all Indian & other countries traditional, Religious functions during studies
  • Best weather throughout the year in Rostov-on-Don. International Airport in the city, (Platov
    International Airport) International students can travel directly from their native country to Rostovon-Don.

Why Through SES ?

  • No hidden expenses.
  • SES is the representative of Indian students. We have close contact with RostSMU for the course information, application requirements, and procedures.
  • We assure financial & educational assistants without any hurdle.
  • Our services to Indian students from the first day of admission up to the graduation day of

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