Why Russia is a perfect place to live and study???

Prior to coming to Russia most students  tend to believe that they are going to a bit of a third world country where one has to be concerned over safety, where it is difficult to find various items, where service is of a low quality, and and where locals look poor and grim.

What they tend to find in Russia is the opposite, at least when it comes to large cities like Moscow, St.Petersburg, Rostov, Kazan.

Stores are everywhere, filled with everything you may need and much more. The shopping malls are so huge and so accessible that you simply won’t find anything similar in an American city. It is almost overwhelming that half of subway stations have a huge mall with every imaginable brand name store, a movie theater and 10–20 restaurants right next to them.

Transportation is extremely easy. You can either take the subway and get to any point in the city in less than 40 minutes for 85 cents, or you can download a taxi app like YandexTaxi or Uber and get a cheap cab to pick you up within a few minutes at any location in the city and take you where you need to go at a fixed low rate, usually around $5-$15.

The cities feel extremely safe. There are security cameras everywhere, a lot of security guards and a visible police presence, but even beyond those extra safety measures there’s simply no sense of danger anywhere. There are barely any homeless people or psychos on the streets unlike, say, Manhattan or downtown Los Angeles.

Russians dress to impress, look slim and fit, and generally act very carefree. A foreign tourist, unless they are a stylish type, will feel a bit under-dressed walking around downtown areas of Moscow or St. Petersburg, and there will be expensive luxury cars everywhere.

Restaurants are of a very high quality, and you can have an upscale meal at half the cost of the same meal in Europe or the United States. There are Starbucks and a dozen other coffee shop chains all over the place. Even fast food places like McDonald’s in Russia feel much more upscale than they do in American cities, and the service is much better, at a cheaper cost.

Russia is a perfect place to live and study.

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