Beihua Medical University

Beihua Medical University

Beihua Medical University is state government public university situated in Jilin City, Jilin Province, Peoples Republic of China. Beihua Medical University is
established in 1906 as Jilin Medical College and in 1999 university merged with 3 other medical universities and got recognized as Beihua MedicalUniversity.

Now Beihua is one of the largest and biggest university in Jilin Province and Beihua has acquired 4 campuses which totally occupy 1,263,700 square meters.

At Present university has enrolled 22,500 students including 19,700 undergraduate students & 2,800 post graduate students among this more than 800 international students are also enrolled from 31 different countries in universities 71 undergraduate specialties and 56 Master’s program.

Beihua Medical University is recognized by W.H.O. and approved by MCI, PLEB, PMDC, USMLE.

Course Structure of Beihua Medical University for MBBS program:

FIRST YEAR: Epidemiology, Medical Terminology, Systemic Anatomy, Histology & Embryology, Cellular Biology, Regional Anatomy, Health Statistics, Chinese Language;

SECOND YEAR: Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology, Parasitology;

THIRD YEAR: Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Diagnostics, Radiology, Forensic Medicine, Psychology, Emergency Medicine;

FOURTH YEAR & FIFTH YEAR : Surgery Medicine, Ophthalmology, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics, ENT, Dermatology, Infection Disease.

Internship: Internship will be arranged in the last year by university itself. Duration of Internship is 48 weeks (1 year).

Fees Structure of 2019 September Intake

Year        TuitionFee   Hostel       Misc.Expenses         AdmissionFee       Total
1 st           2,90,000      56,000     24,000                        50,000                  4,20,000
2 nd         2,10,000      56,000        NIL                              NIL                      2,66,000
3 rd         2,10,000      56,000         NIL                              NIL                      2,66,000
4 th         2,10,000      56,000         NIL                              NIL                       2,66,000
5 th         2,10,000      56,000         NIL                              NIL                       2,66,000
Total      11,30,000    2,80,000    24,000                      50,000                    14,84,000

Benefits/ Advantage of opting Beihua Medical University:

1. Beihua is the top ranked medical university in china which is equipped with all modern day technologies to impart medical training.
2. Cost Efficient- In Beihua you will get world class education at very efficient cost i.e. Tuition fee is 2,10,000 per annum if you compare it with Indian Medical Colleges then our hostel fee is more than the Tuition fee of Beihua.
3. Medium of Instruction will be English for all International Students enrolled.
4. University have 4 of its own large hospitals for better clinical practice.
5. University have hostels for international students in campus only which provide international students security all the time.
6. Self Cooking is allowed in the hostel so students can easily cook their food according their ownneeds and it save lot of money.

Some of Our Students in Beihua Medical University

Name                                  City/State                                           Year
Dr. Salman                       Deoria U.P.                                         Graduated (2010-2016)

Vaghisha Sisodia            Patna Bihar                                          Internship

Saurabh Gupta              Mahoba U.P.                                         4 th Year

Ankit Mahan                  Mahoba U.P.                                         3 rd year

Sumanjeet                      ShahjhanpurU.P                                   3 rd year

Wasim Riyaz                 Allahabad U.P                                       3 rd Year

Sachina                          Allahabad U.P                                       4 th Year

Md. Amir                      Azamgarh U.P                                        4 th Year

Talha                             Deoband U.P.                                         2 nd Year

Suhail                           Deoband U.P.                                          2 nd Year

TajMohammad          Bareilly U.P.                                             4 th Year

Danish                         Deoband U.P.                                            3 rd Year

And Many More…