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TENTISHEV ASIAN MEDICAL INSTITUTE is a leading medical institute of Kyrgyzstan, training students since 2004.
Asian Medical Institute is a private medical college established by Erkin Satkynbaevich Tentishev in Kant Kyrgyzstan.

Asian Medical Institute is registered with Ministry of Health & Education Kyrgyz Republic, W.H.O.( World Health Organization), Avicenna Directory (World Directory of Medical Schools), Medical Council of India (MCI), PDMC (Pakistan Dental & Medical Council).
The student graduated from Asian Medical Institute are eligible to appear in the screening test of every country like USMLE, PLEB, MCI FMGE, PMDC.

Asian Medical Institute has a license to teach  students in three professional courses such as :

⦁ MBBS/M.D.   5  year program
⦁ MBBS/M.D.   6 year program
⦁ Dentistry       4-year program


Asian Medical Institute is situated in the city of Kant, 20 KM from Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan.
At present approx. 5,000 international students are studying in Asian Medical Institute.

For Better training purpose Asian Medical Institute have a tie-up with top 10 hospitals in Bishkek so that from 3rd year onwards students can get adequate practical training.
Affiliated Hospitals are:

⦁ Issyk-Ata Region Hospital

⦁ Traumatology and orthopedic hospital

⦁ Issyk-Ata central hospital

⦁ Alamadin  Hospital

⦁ City clinical hospital

⦁ Department of forensic Medicine

⦁ Surgical Hospital

⦁ Surgical Hospital Mamkeeva

⦁ Obs & Gyneacolgical hospital

⦁ Tentishev Memorial polyclinic
Asian Medical Institute provides on campus hostel facilities to all the international students.
It is mandatory to live in the hostel during the first year of course.
Hostel facilities for girls and boys are in separate building well guarded by warden and security guards and well equipped with CCTV cameras and a monitor room for security purpose.
The hostel also provides Wi-Fi, Laundry and Indian Mess facilities,

Asian Medical Institute has a clear mess serving both veg and non-veg food and mess have a seating capacity of 700 students at a time.


Fee Structure

MBBS (5-year course)

1st year        2nd year            3rd year        4th year       5th year

5500$         3200$                 3200$           3200$          3200$

3,85,000    2,24,000            2,24,000     2,24,000      2,24,000

1. The first-year Package includes hostel and documentation.

2. The tuition fee is 3,200$ for Asian Medical Institute

3. Tuition Fee will remain the same during the entire course

4. Mess fee is 103$ per month.

MBBS (6-year course)

1st year         2nd year             3rd year           4th year            5th year          6th year
4,800$          2400$                 2400$             2400$               2400$              2400$
3,36,000       1,68,000             1,68,000        1,68,000           1,68,000          1,68,000


⦁ The first-year package Include hostel and documentation
⦁ Tuition fee for 6 Year course is 2,400$
⦁ Tuition Fee will remain the same during the entire course.
⦁ Mess fee is 103$ per month.

Pass Percentage of Indian students in FMGE graduated from Asian Medical Institute is 19%.
Many of our students successfully graduated from the Asian Medical Institute and Cleared FMGE in their First Attempt.

Benefits/Advantage of studying in Asian Medical Institute-
⦁ Asian Medical Institute is the only medical institute which provides MBBS degree lowest fee structure.
⦁ Mode of instruction is in English.
⦁ Good practical training from 1st year onwards.
⦁  5-year course with the curriculum same like India.
⦁  Indian teachers are available.
⦁ MCI FMGE exam coaching is also available by Indian Faculties