Kyiv Medical University Of UAFM (KMU)

Month of intake in Kyiv Medical University Of UAFM (KMU)
Year of Establishment
Duration of MBBS Program
6 Years
Language of Instruction
MCI & WHO Approved
Month of intake in Kyiv Medical University Of UAFM (KMU) : September
Year of Establishment: 1994
Duration of MBBS Program : 6 Years
Language of Instruction: English
Recognition: MCI & WHO Approved
Kyiv Medical University of UAFM established in 1992 by Dr. Pokanevich Valeriy (1950-2012) in the capital of Ukraine is leading medical university of Ukraine. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and 8 th largest city in Europe. It is an important industrial, scientific education and cultural center of Eastern Europe.

About University and Course Structure

Medical University offers undergraduate program and degree offered is M.D. (equivalent to MBBS in India), duration of M.D. course in Kyiv Medical University is of 6 years. First 3 years are non clinical part and the emphasis of study is on theoretical part with subject such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Medical Biology, Histology so that student have a good basic knowledge in their subjects and apart from medical subjects it is mandatory for student to learn Russian and Latin language as a part of their course. The final 3 after studying their non clinical part students start their practical or clinical part in which they use the techniques they learnt in starting year’s. By this time student are well versed in local language and they can talk to local patients with confidence and they develop doctor/patient relation.

Rankings and Recognition of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM

Kyiv Medical University of UAFM ranks 1 in the list of private medical universities imparting education to international students.

Kyiv Medical University is recognized from MCI (Medical Council of India) WHO(World Health Organization) FAIMER and other medical licesing bodies in all over globe.

The Kyiv Medical University has approved and licensed from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine, AE No: 527695 according to decision from State accreditation commission, dated 23.1.2014.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kyiv Medical University Ukraine.

  • Kyiv Medical University offers MBBS program with the lowest fee possible in entire Ukraine. The affordable fee structure makes Kyiv Medical University a perfect choice for students who are looking for economical and affordable university for studying mbbs in ukraine.
  • Being Affordable and economical is one thing but the study and teacher to student ratio i.e 1:15 makes Kyiv medical university an excellent choice to study medicine. With professional teaching faculty and modern day labs and use of technology gives Kyiv Medical University an edge over other university.
  • Kyiv Medical University is situated in Kyiv the Capital of Ukraine which makes the day to day life of students easy as in capital all the facilities are easily available. Also our Indian Embassy is situated in Kyiv which gives a sense of security to students and their parents.
  • The Degree awarded by Kyiv Medical University is recognised globally and after completion of degree students can practice in India,European Union,USA,U.K, Canada, Australia.Students have to pass the neccessary licensing exam to practice in these countries.
  • Kyiv Medical University have partnership with many Medical Universities in European Union. There are many students exchange programme for students in which they can opt for a semester studying in Polish Universities.
  • Hostel Of Kyiv Medical University:

    Kyiv Medical University of UAFM have its own hostel in the University campus which accomodate all the international students.

    Hostel is mandatory for the First year and afterwards students can move into their rented flats or PG.

    Hostel charge is 1,000$ per year

    We have Indian Mess inside the hostel which cost 130$ per month for two meals per day.

    If students want to live in flat it will cost 400$ to 500$ for 2 bhk flat in which 4 students can live easily.

    Fee Structure Of Kyiv Medical University Of UAFM Ukraine

    Tuition Fee of Kyiv Medical University Ukraine is 3500$ per year.

    Hostel fee of Kyiv Medical University Ukraine is 1000$ per year

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