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Kyiv Medical University of UAFM established in 1992 by Dr. Pokanevich Valeriy (1950-2012) in the capital of Ukraine is a leading medical university of Ukraine. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and 8th largest city in Europe. It is an important industrial, scientific education and cultural center of Eastern Europe.
Kyiv Medical University offers undergraduate program and degree offered is M.D. (equivalent to MBBS in India), duration of M.D. course in Kyiv Medical University is of 6 years.
First 3 years are non clinical part and the emphasis of study is on theoretical part with subject such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Medical Biology, Histology so that student have a good basic knowledge in their subjects and apart from medical subjects it is mandatory for student to learn Russian and Latin language as a part of their course.
The final 3 after studying their non-clinical part students start their practical or clinical part in which they use the techniques they learned in starting years.
By this time student are well versed in the local language and they can talk to local patients with confidence and they develop doctor/patient relation.

Kyiv Medical University is very popular among international student because of the following reasons:

⦁ Affordable Fee structure (Lowest in Ukraine)
⦁ Located in the capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine
⦁ An innovative technique to teach Medicine
⦁ Faculty to student ratio is 1:12 means students are divided into a group of 12 for better understanding and faculty can personally teach a student and can clear their doubts.
⦁  More than 5,000 international students are studying KMU.
⦁  Degree Awarded by KMU is globally accepted and recognized and after graduating from KMU students are eligible for USMLE (USA) PLAB(UK) FMGE(INDIA).
⦁ Easy admission criteria as the student don’t have to clear IELTS or TOEFL exam in order to get admitted in KMU.
⦁ 100% visa ration. No visa rejection for Indian Students.
⦁ Exchange Program Kyiv Medical University provides an opportunity for its student for an exchange program in Poland and other European Union countries.
⦁ Studying at one of the few European universities to offer full body dissection to their international medical students.
⦁ The major benefit of KMU is of studying medicine in a city with a population of almost two million people with 28 teaching hospitals affiliated to KMU students gets “the real thing” with interaction with patients.


Accreditation Kyiv Medical University of UAFM has the license from the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and sport of Ukraine, AE No. 527695 according to decision State accreditation commission. Recognition Kyiv Medical University of UAFM is recognized and listed in World Health Organization (WHO), FAIMER(Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research), IMED ( International Medical Education Directory), MCI( Medical Council of India) After completing graduation from KMU students are eligible to sit in FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) and USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination). Hostel of Kyiv Medical University Kyiv Medical University provides hostel facility for its international students equipped with all modern day facilities and ensuring the safety and security of international students. Indian Mess is available in the hostel. Students can opt 2 seater room or 4 seaters. Both rooms have different fees. The hostel is not very far from the University campus and students can go easily to attend their classes. To know more about Kyiv Medical University hostel watch our video below Social Life in Kiev Kiev a beautiful city of Eastern Europe and the capital city of Ukraine has its own charm with its location in the geographical center of Europe and its multicultural environment. The city is full of malls, historical museums, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, football ground, and amazing nightlife. Residents of Kiev city are very polite, helpful and friendly and love to have interaction and conversation with international students. FEE Structure of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM                 1st year      2nd year     3rd year      4th year        5th year        6th year USD         6,500$       3,500$       3,500$         3,5000$      3,500$          3,5000 INR          4,55,000    2,45,000   2,45,000    2,45,000    2,45,000      2,45,000 ⦁ The rate of USD can vary at times at present we have converted 1 USD to 70 INR. ⦁ First-year 6,500$ package includes a hostel and other miscellaneous fees ⦁ From the second-year hostel, fees will be 1,200$ ⦁ Washing Machine is provided in hostel and Self-cooking is allowed in the hostel. ⦁ Tuition fee for General Medicine is 3,500$ which will not change till the entire duration of course. ⦁ Indian Mess is available in the hostel at 120$ per month. Approximate Total Expense for Kyiv Medical University will be 25 lacs INR including Mess, Living Expenses and Airfare. Satyamev Educational Services is authorized partner of Kyiv Medical University of UAFM. List of Students sent by Satyamev to Kyiv Medical University in 2018-19 ⦁ Abhishek Kumar Lucknow Uttar Pradesh ⦁ Shivendra Kumar Singh Barabanki Uttar Pradesh ⦁ Kajal Singh Lucknow Uttar Pradesh ⦁ Garima Mishra Sitapur Uttar Pradesh ⦁ Esha Raj Lucknow Uttar Pradesh ⦁ Yogita Singh Aligarh Uttar Pradesh ⦁ Shadab Alam Sitapur Uttar Pradesh And Many more