Ternopil National Medical University

Month of intake in Ternopil National Medical University
Year of Establishment
Duration of MBBS Program
6 Years
Language of Instruction
MCI & WHO Approved
Month of intake in Ternopil National Medical University : September
Year of Establishment: 1994
Duration of MBBS Program : 6 Years
Language of Instruction: English
Recognition: MCI & WHO Approved

Mr. Aman Pandey (MD Satyamev Education Services) With TNMU Faculty During His Recent Visit

Ternopil National Medical University (TNMU) was founded on 12th April 1957 as Ternopil Medical Insititute. On 1st July 1992 medical Institute was named after Ivan Horbachevsky a famous Austrian Chemist and eminent politician of Ukrainian origin. On December 30th, 1997 medical institute granted status as State Medical Academy and on 17th November 2004 after the reorganisation, the institute got its name as Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University. And on 17th April 2019 by the decree of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko University was granted the status of National Medical University and renamed as Ivan Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University.
The First Rector (Chancellor) of the University was Petro Ohii and the first Vice-rector ( Vice Chancellor) was Arsen Martynuik. The institute had 19 departments and employed 66 instructors and the first batch of 210 students graduated from the Institute. The Institute steadily grew into one of the best medical university in Ukraine. The main development of the institute started after 1991 when Ukraine gained independence and the education system of Ukraine shifted toward European Standard of Education System. In 1994, the university was granted level IV of Institutional Accreditation.
As of 2019 Ternopil National Medical University, is a major University which is training over 6500 students out of which 2500 international Students majorly from India Pakistan Africa UAE are enrolled in the Medicine course. TNMU is regarded as one of the best and one of the strict Medical Univeristy imparting MBBS in Ukraine.
University has many buildings in all over the Ternopil city where students go for their classes as they have different departments for each faculty like Anatomy department. University has 600 professors among them 102 are Doctor of Science and Full-time professors and 460 are associate professors.

University offers Lectures Mon – Friday and timing of the classes will be in between 9.00 am to 3.00 P.M. Language of Instruction is Ukrainian and English. International Students study in English Medium and duration is 6 years.

Ranking of Ternopil National Medical University

According to various websites Ternopil Ranks in top Medical Universities in Ukraine as well as in eastern Europe. According to a website named 4icu Ternopil National Medical Univeristy ranks 5 in Ukraine and 3057 globally.

As per Inputs from our Indian Students studying in Ternopil Medical University University ranked and respected in all over Ukraine and eastern europe for its strictness and no corruption policy which makes Ternopil National Medical University a good choice for MBBS in Ukraine.
Tuiton fee of Rostov State Medical University for International students is 4800$ = 3,36,000 INR per year including Hostel. To know first year package please contact Satyamev Educational Services office.
Tuition fee can be paid in two instalments i.e. October and February. Living Expenses for Rostov State Medical University students is approx 150$ per month

Programs In Ternopil National Medical University –

1. Medicine M.D. – 6 Years ( Equivalent To MBBS In India)
2. Dentistry B.D.S – 5 Years
3. Pharmacy – 5 Years
4. Nursing – 2-4 Years.
Post Graduate Programs are also offered in the University. University also has a world-class anatomy lab with all the real organs present for students to get a real hand for practice.

FEE Structure Of Ternopil National Medical University

Year : 1st Year
Tuition Fee : 3,800$
Hostel: 600$
Medical Insurance: 150$
University Charges : 850$
Total: 5,400$
Year: 2nd Year
Tuition Fee : 4,300$
Hostel: 600$
Medical Insurance: NIL
University Charges : 850$
Total: 5,050$
Year : 3rd Year
Tuition Fee : 4,300$
Hostel: 600$
Medical Insurance: 150$
University Charges : NIL
Total: 5,050$
Year: 4th Year
Tuition Fee : 4,400$
Hostel: 600$
Medical Insurance: 150$
University Charges : NIL
Total: 5,150$
Year : 5th Year
Tuition Fee : 4,500$
Hostel: 600$
Medical Insurance: 150$
University Charges : NIL
Total: 5,250$
Year: 6th Year 5,250$
Tuition Fee : 4,500$
Hostel: 600$
Medical Insurance: 150$
University Charges : NIL
Total: 5,250$
Additional Expenses:
Registration and Notary (Documents translation in Ukraine) – 350$
Immigration Clearance – 450$ Visa Renewal for Full 6 year – 500$

Hostel Facility In Ternopil National Medical University.

Ternopil National Medical University offers Hostel facility for international students as well. TNMU have 6 complex of hostels around the city with 2 of them have International students and it is accompanied by Indian Mess also.
Hostel Charges starts from 600$ to 900$ depending upon room as per students choice.
Apart from hostel students are allowed to live in Flat after completion of 1st year of their studies. 2bhk Flats in Ternopil city will cost approx 200$ to 300$ per month and it can be occupied by 4 students.

Benefits/Advantage Of Studying MBBS In Ternopil National Medical University Ukraine.

  • Ternopil Medical University is one of the Top 5 medical university in Ukraine which makes TNMU a great choice for MBBS in Ukraine.
  • TNMU is a national medical university i.e. TNMU is central government medical university which is directly administered by Ministry of Health Ukraine.
  • TNMU is a medical univeristy unlike other Universities in Ukraine and Russia in TNMU we have only Medical and Dental faculty which gives TNMU an edge over other universities.
  • TNMU fee is very affordable and students can pay their fee semester wise so students looking for low budget mbbs in ukraine can opt Ternopil National Medical University.
  • Satyamev Educational Services is an authorised Representative of Ternopil National Medical University we have our own office in Ternopil and have our own staff in ternopil. Students can contact us any time if they face any type of problem during their course duration.
  • TNMU is recognised by MCI, WHO, USMLE, PLAB,FAIMER means students graduating from Ternopil national medical university can practice in any part of globe prior to passing the license exam of that region.
  • At Present more than 4000 international students are studying in Ternopil National Medical University Ukraine.
    Some of our students studying in Ternopil
  • National Medical University Ukraine
  • Shekhar Sriwar ( Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh)
  • Kamakshi Gupta ( Dehradoon, Uttrakhand)
  • Puja Gupta (Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Pragati Srivastav ( Gorakhpur,Uttar Pradesh)
  • Ranjeet Gupta (Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Syed Nada Fatima ( Hyderabad, Telangana)
  • Yusra Shams ( Kolkata, West Bengal)
  • Ashwani Gupta ( Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh)
  • Vishwajeet Singh ( Patna, Bihar)
  • Vishal Biswas (Uttrakhand) And Many more if you are planing to study MBBS in Ternopil National Meidcal University Ukraine we can provide contact details of our students for better understanding about University and MBBS in Ukraine.
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